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OptionsCard Gift Card In The Press

OptionsCard digitial gift cards has been featuresd in numerous press and radio news atricles since its launch.  The fee-free message and 5 year validity has really cought the attention of the press  - here are some of the highlights for national and regional press and radio.

Sunday Business Post focused on the lauch and how the gift card can be used for many different business incentive, reward and loyalty programmes.  They also said that OptionsCard is suitable for many markets, not just the gift card market in Ireland.

Gift Cards Ireland
Sunday Business Post 18/11/2023

Gift card to test appetite for choice in Irish market


The Irish Examiner picked upon how OptiosnCard is great for taking advantage of the €1000 tax free small benefit exemption using Irish gift cards.

The Irish Examiner
Irish Examiner 20-10-2023

Radio interviews on the Irish gift card market

We started off the round of radio interviews with NewsTalk breakfast in October where our MD Jonathan Grey talked about our launch and why we're here to do things differently. 

Gift Card Ireland talk on NewsTalk

Our Managing Director also Jonathan Grey recently discussed the “fee-free product” with Mary Gallagher from Radio Kerry.

Jonathan discussed how OptionsCard allows consumers to re-gift part or all of their gift cards with their family or friends.

He added that by using the actual gift cards from partner brands, there will be an increase in footfall in-store, which helps encourage Irish consumers to support Irish businesses.

Listen to the full interview here:


gift cards on the radio
Options card gift card in on the radio

Business Press Coverage

Our MD Jonathan Grey recently joined Business & Finance for a Q&A interview detailing his insights on being a CEO and the future of OptionsCard.
Over the next year, one of the company's main goals will be continuing to develop a strong network of retail partners to help deliver their gift cards and exclusive offers to our cardholders.
Jonathan noted that the OptionsCard team is "very excited about where this might bring us in the coming 12 months, and we know that with success in Ireland we can bring OptionsCard to other countries in the coming years.”

Read more here:

OptionsCard, a multi-brand gift card specifically focused on the Irish business and consumer gifting market

Business Plus also featured OptionsCard at the tie of the launch and and noted the adaptabiliyt of OptionsCard digital gift card that can be used for business gifting under the small benefits exemption scheme, but also the suitability for consumers to easily send presents.  Of course, the no-fees angle really hit the headlines!

See the full atricle on this link:

No-Fees Irish Digital Gift Card OptionsCard Launched - Business Plus

Irish Tech Press Focus On Gift Cards

The tech journalist also had a look at the unique features of OptionsCard, such as the re-gifting possibilies and how OptionsCards design enables us to have a no-fee policy for buyers and reciepients. 

See links to the full articles here: 

New Irish multi-brand digital gift card launches to the market - Irish Tech News

New Irish multi-brand no-fees digital gift card – OptionsCard the Christmas gift of choice

Local Press Suporting Irish Gift Cards